22 junio 2011

LED Apple -Who do you Think You are [VM] + Romanization

Notan alguna similitud con C.N Blue? HAHAHA 
me again and you alone have earned another laugh
Naman TTO honja dweotgo noneun TTO utgo inneun-gol
What is this if I do not like what's
Mwoya mwoya iron MWO gateun gyonguneun omneun-goya
I'm not gonna curse in front of the back uljianeulrae
Apeso uljianheulle dwieso yokdo anhalle
Yeah! Yes! How are you?
Geure! geure! eight?

You really love and believe in

Modeun goal of jwotdoni sarajyo ne maeumeul gajigo
Do not believe her lips were sweet.

What are you going with me leave me what Wallowing

Too far away too far away and departed far
Too Far Away Too Far Away minor ttonaga
You do not leave the hard halkkeoran deluding ourselves

Seupttureureu seupttureureu than you okay seupttureureu

I'm sorry seupttureureu seupttureureu
Seupttureureu seupttureureu mianhajiman

What say let's not not see her again?
Mworago Malda mot-Haga dasineun maljago fight?
What is this I know, it's funny it'll seem?

You want to hear what you're saying I'm not gonna say jalgaran
Is mareun deutji aneulle jalgaran Waldo anhalle
Yeah! Yes! How are you?
Geure! geure! eight?

You y'all laugh jitdeon heotuteumman my facial features filled
No tteme useum jitdon not olguren hosuseumman gadeukhe
Moderately silently Will you please please.
Jokdanghi butakhe jebal marobsi gajulle
Fuck you I dare say you do not listen to you anymore
Utgijima nimal ttawin deutji ancestor

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